How We Have Leveraged On Technology Amid Covid-19- TechU

How We Have Leveraged On Technology Amid Covid-19- TechU

The Public Relations Officer of the Technical University, Oyo state, Akeem Lasisi, has spoken to TECHMIRROR MAGAZINE on how the University has leveraged on technology to ensuring smooth learning and what the institution is doing to encourage Technology based learning across the country amid the virus.

On how TechU has been leveraging on technology, Akeem said; “ The University never lost any day or semester academically despite the issues caused by the pandemic. We were able to complete our academic year. While the students went home, our academic program continued because we have a very solid digitized system. While they were on campus, we operate a high bridge between the physical and e-learning. We deployed technology to continue learning during the pandemic. We even had our exams seamlessly” he noted.

He stated that the University started accepting collaborations especially as people were allowed to use the varsity’s system “We have been accepting collaborations and we have cases of people wanting to use our systems and that has been happening with people who want to take advantage of it and the facilities”

The University Image maker noted that efforts are on to develop a computerized system that Oyo state can make use of in-terms of students’ population especially as it is possible to have a centralized E-learning system that the University will provide alongside other partners involved.

While speaking on the role of technology in the Nigerian educational system for the future, he noted that the consciousness has improved in the country as people now understand that things cannot continue the way it used to be.

Schools have continued to go on, Online schools are now being worked upon so as to encourage mixed classes.

At the governance level too, we have had such development. He however noted that paucity of funds has been mitigating against e-learning in public institutions because facilities and structures are not there.