TechWorld Academy Trains 1200 Kids on ICT

TechWorld Academy Trains 1200 Kids on ICT
A leading ICT Tech Hub in Ogun state, TechWorld Academy on Saturday, 30th of November, 2019 has launched Ogun Kids Tech Club.
The launching was done at the Ogun State Tech Hub along Sagamu- Abeokuta Road, Ogun state Abeokuta.
Speaking with the executive Director of the TechWorld, Olaniyan Adewale who said the idea was borne out of the quest to transfer ICT to children and also to catch them young looking at the fast developing rate at Technology is moving in the current days.
In his words, he said, " The importance of Technology in our lives have become a subject of increasing awareness. Technology is evolving at a very fast pace. Our grandparents grew up in a society with no telephone; our parents in a society in which the newspaper was the first and television was the last source of information. Today, we live in a world of internet. And the new generation is in the wireless world. As a result, the world around us also has changed dramatically over the years. This dramatic change in the field of ICT is a result of innovations in the field of science, defence and business. These innovations have reduced the sizes of the technological tools and increased the speed in which they operate to process data and communicate information. With this fast pace of evolution, we therefore need to be informed and equipped with necessary skills to live in this changing world. Technology plays a vital role in defining a child's ability to succeed both in school and throughout their lives"
" The Ogun Kids Tech Club would be able to initiate Basic Literacy in the Digital Age, Digital Literacy can change the world, World of Innovation Creativities & Confidence
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
Best learned early. Coding translates to success in other areas and also boosts Brain"
The Director also noted that their are plans to get more participation in 2020 and the Ogun Kid Tech Club would be kickstart fully next year and which would hold fully on weekends.
As a result of this development in the role of ICT parents has lauded the initiatives which they referred to it as a solution to problem.
Speaking with a student who is also a participant, Ogunlaya Feranmi, he said "I am very happy about this and it's a good one. I have been able to learn new things and also be able to reach my colleagues out there too to tell them what they need to know in the aspect of technology "
Speaking with another student Adebayo Euinice who lauded the initiative and termed it as a very good one.
The TechWorld Academy is in partnership with the Ogun State Bureau of ICT.