Leveraging ICT has helped my brand Visibility- Creative Director  Lexi  Vee ‘s  Fashion Empire 

Leveraging ICT has helped my brand Visibility- Creative Director  Lexi  Vee ‘s  Fashion Empire 



The Creative Director  of the  Lexi  Vee’s fashion Empire, a fashion organization based in Abuja, Miss Victoria has said she will leverage the fashion world with ICT has the world is evolving round with Information Technology.

This was made known in an interview with TechMirror Magazine


Read the excerpt below;

 My name is Victoria . I'm from Kogi State and I'm  fashion designer. The Creative. director  of  Lexi Vee’s fashion  Empire. Our organization is a unique one that is outstanding and  unique in terms of creative designs output.

Lexi Vee


What are you good memories so far?


Well my memories have been quite very interesting. Anytime I get good feedbacks from my clients, it gives me joy. That doesn't mean there hasn't been any hitch in the journey so far but I tend to look at the good side.


What challenges have you encountered so far?


My biggest challenge is the ability to reach out to people to know what they want and the kind of service to deliver to them. In business you have to be familiar with your environment or your audience to know what they want. All these factors gives a your business a boost. Though that has been a major challenge for me but i'm trying to leverage on it. Another challenge is that of electricity, a fashion designer needs constant electricity but the Nigerian situation leave us at the mercy of extra cost through  fueling.


How do you intend turning your challenge to a success?


Everyone wants his or her business to strive and soar higher. Looking at the world evolving around technology, I intend using the power of technology in reaching out to people and promoting my brand.


For example, you can just sow a cloth with a top notch design and post on your social media page, before you know it people will start looking for you to partner with you. That's how far and wide technology can go. You can be able to reach out to People either you know them or not. it's called networking.


Technology has also made it easier to reach the outter world especially through the social media. There have been instances that I have been able to get customers from far places beyond our head office location, all through the power of the social media and technology; things like this help to navigate the challenges that comes with fashion brand .


What's your drive?

Lexi Vee fashion attire


Well, my drive has always been creativity. when I see people putting on an attire, I have the zeal to make a creativity from that same style.


Being creative as always been my drive. That's why I make sure I tune it to my taste and design. to create something more fun and catchy. though I have few role models but they are Americans

What makes you different from others?


It's about the perfection. when you try to have that uniqueness. having a uniqueness in creativity. when you add to something that is existing.


when people see the perfection, it would make ones brand very different and unique. for every brand there's always a uniqueness or a trademark. ones trademark would show if one is unique or not


Where do you see yourself in the next 10years?


I see myself as a fashion  authority beyond what I am now I see myself owning the biggest fashion brand in the world. I also love to guide and train people on making them know the rudiments of the fashion world


My vision for the fashion world can't be explained to my satisfaction but I see a brighter future ahead of me. I see a top notch brand.


What advice would you give you upcoming fashionistas?

I would advice them to be resilient. Life isn't rosy and perfect but what you want would be your drive. No matter what they might face, they should know that there's no gain without a gain.


They must be able to understand time. Timing is very essential in everything. time is money.


How do you think the Government can encourage the Fashion world?


The Government can come up with a scheme to encourage people. They can even empower people in alliance with a Non Governmental Organisation (NGOs) to sponsor some certain persons who may have peculiar interest in fashion designing and development. 


After successful done with that, they can give out materials to them to make them active and even encourage them to do more. 


They can give them instruments like Sewing machines and other important equipments.


There can also be monetary support, asides the equipment support to these persons, by doing this, the government will be creating lots of jobs and opportunities for the people. 

In my own space, I have been training people and mentoring young persons on cashing in on the possibilities available in the fashion industry.


Lexi Vee is on Facebook as Lexi Vee’s fashion Empire, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or on phone via 08051267442