Why We Are Commencing Mobile Health Initiative- Founder, Marian Egbis

Why We Are Commencing Mobile Health Initiative- Founder, Marian Egbis

Marian Egbis is a medical expert with years of experience in the medical field. Apart from using her experience to ensure proper health guidance for many, she has also dedicated herself to the cause of humanity.

In her bid to ensure that more Nigerians especially the underserved get access to proper health guidance and assistance, she has launched a personal project called “Marian Mobile Health Initiative”.

In this exclusive interview, she speaks on her quest for ensuring that Nigerians have better healthcare assistance and her motivation. Excerpts below

Why did you decide to embark on the mobile health Project

Marian: One reason why I decided to embark on the mobile health project is to bring healthcare and health assistance to your doorstep and also because of COVID-19 especially working a first aid in the event of an emergency and to fill in the gap; ensuring that even the underserved areas get health guidance.

I am not replacing the hospitals but I am focused on health orientation, guidance and ensuring that first health assistance is gotten

What were the experiences that led to the commencement of the Mobile health Initiative?

Marian: I have had experiences in dealing with people especially on the health advise terrain. I have had many experiences in helping people to get faster to the hospital. I have leveraged technology towards achieving same; sometimes phone calls are what people need to share their medical challenges. I recently had someone who called me and also sent whatsapp messages explaining that despite treatments, her daughter’s health failed to improve. 

I helped her to proper explanation to give the doctors when she gets to the hospital, proper food hygiene to observe and when she got to the hospital, she was able to get appropriate treatment for her daughter; this helped recovery of her daughter and also the following of proper food make-ups that I recommended. 

I have organized health seminars in churches, mosques, communities and at various times I help people understand how to achieve better healthcare, I allow them reach me online and on phone call; this in no little way helps them to achieve better health awareness, which is one of the aim of the project. The importance of first aid is also very important. I believe also that communication is key in health management, which is part of the goal of the initiative.

What are the gaps you intend to fill?

Marian: Covid-19 has made many unable to access the hospital easily, with many challenges in the process of doing this. Some health challenges need expert opinion and guidance, the fact that some are scared of reaching to the hospital but they may need to get to the hospital despite being scared of contracting the virus.

We cannot leave people who do not even have the resources to get the hospital to be on their own.

This project will partner with different organizations, firms, NGO to ensure that healthcare is not denied even from the older generation or from those who do not have luxury of proper healthcare. There comes the need for a mobile health initiative that allows people to reach us on the internet and we would assist them even to get to the hospital or assist them in proper health delivery. We want to save lives.

What can you say about the health field in Nigeria?

Marian: We have many health professionals in Nigeria but we need to invest in training of Nigerian health experts especially encouraging them to visit rural areas, reach out to those who need help in the health area. We are bringing something different that allows the villages to reach us even on phone. Even in case of emergency, our health experts should be trained to care about citizens

In the Digital Age, how can health professionals leverage on Technology?

Marian: Health professionals can be taught to use the internet and digital tools for health engagement and communication. This is very key. We can help many persons to speak-up doing this.

Where should we see this project in this next six months and your message to Nigerians?

Marian: We are going to work through collaborations, partnership towards achieving our goals. Our challenge has been the resources needed to do this, but we are ready to make things work as much.to make things work.

I have made do with my time to hold outreach to people in Abuja communities, attended local and international conferences among others.

I would also encourage Nigerians to join this project especially in helping to achieve critical goals.