We are leveraging technology to deliver fresh locally sourced food - CEO Sleek Bistro 

We are leveraging technology to deliver fresh locally sourced food - CEO Sleek Bistro 


Mrs Elelu Aishat Taiye, a former Sous Chef at Kwara Hotels Ltd and a professional caterer in this interview with Alexandra Klien speaks about her passion for the food industry which propelled her to own a business of her own, leveraging on technology. 

Aishat, after years of working in various corporate organizations including five star hotels and top restaurants, decided to set up her own business, Sleekbistro_NG.

The organization is an online food delivery outlet which also offers catering services for events.

Excerpts below:

News Digest: When did you start Sleek Bistro and what motivated you?

Aishat: I have always been passionate about food but I started Sleek Bistro in 2019.

Before establishing my own business, I had worked in various hotels and understood the culinary industry perfectly. I also understand the importance of using fresh produce in cooking. This taught me the importance of making sure food is cooked fresh. This improves the taste and quality of food. In sleekbistro_ng, we only cook food based on order, so that means anything you order is cooked fresh specifically for you.

Sleek Bistro

News Digest: What would you say has been the most challenging part of running an online food business? What is the competition in the online food business market like?

Aishat: Getting customers online to trust the brand has been a challenge. It is difficult to trust an upcoming food business but we have had successful good reviews from our customers and that has helped us in achieving trust by others who now see us as their best option for what they eat.

The competition is also quite fierce, because there are so many online food businesses popping up daily. You just have to try what you can to stay relevant. That means making sure we provide premium services to our one time customers and this helps turn them into ‘returning customers’.

News Digest: What has been an effective marketing strategy for you as an online business platform?

Aishat: Posting customer reviews online, checking back with the customers after delivery to ask them for criticisms, working on those criticisms when necessary, and giving out free food samples to potential customers. Our feedback mechanism has been very helpful.

News Digest: How have you managed to keep things going through the Covid-19 pandemic?

Aishat: In the earlier stage of the pandemic, sourcing for food ingredients was quite difficult. We had to look for alternative means of getting the things we needed, but with time, we got to fix this.

Then again, people stopped trusting food delivery services and the only people that were ordering were people who still trusted our brand regardless of the skepticism. We are however getting better by the day as the Covid-19 gradually ends.

News Digest: How has your Youtube channel helped in building your customer base?

Aishat: It has helped our visibility because people tend to trust food vendors more when they see a video of you cooking. A lot of people are looking for avenues to learn how to cook, so we try as much as possible to make the videos fast and straight forward. This has been helpful a lot.

News Digest: How do you feel sharing your recipes?

Aishat: I am usually excited. I love it when random people send me messages about how my recipes are easy to follow. It makes me feel good about myself and what we do at my brand.

NewsDigest: How often do you create content on your channel?

Aishat: At least, once a week.

News Digest: What is unique about the food from your brand?

Aishat: Our food is delicious and made with utmost attention to hygiene and the freshest of ingredients. We also use locally sourced ingredients.

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