How Social Media Has Helped Promote my Music Career-MPJ

How Social Media Has Helped Promote my Music Career-MPJ

Jacob Nenpin Joel, popularly is known as (MPJ SENIOR) a kogi based Nigerian musician.

A graduate of Convenant polythecnic, Aba who have been into Music since 2008.

In this interview with Tech mirror magazine, he tells Abdulwasiu Mujeeb that though he faced many challenges in his musical career and how he has leveraged on the social media to promote his songs.

Excerpts below:

TECH MIRROR: Tell us about yourself?

MPJ: I am Jacob Nenpin joel, popularly known as MPJ SENIOR, a Kogi based artist. My love for art pushed me into music since 2008 when I was in secondary school before joining Convenanat polytechnic Aba to study Mass communication.

TECH MIRROR: How has it been with your entertainment career?

MPJ: It has been fine. Though there are challenges in every sphere of life, but it has not been easy with music.

In music there are challenges like promotion, inviting people's attention to get familiarised with your brand of music has not been a very easy task.

TECH MIRROR: Tell us about your type of music.

MPJ: Afro hip pop is my style of music. With this style, I have done hit songs like Blessing , Aji-zanko, Over load and many more, through which i to talk to people about my pain and the sufferness of the poor.

TECH MIRROR: With the advent of Social Media, how has it assisted you in doing entertainment?

MPJ: Social media have play a great role in my career as an artist, I have gained a lot of fans through it. With the thirst of giving the best to my fans, by implication, it also add to my knowledge in one way or the other.

TECH MIRROR: What can you say about how Nigerian entertainers use the Social Media?

MPJ:  Because social media is a medium where we can get most of our problem solved, most Nigerian entertainers use it the other way around. i.e, to create problem for themselves. For example look at the case of Naira Marley, when he was arrested for engaging himself fraudulent activities, it was through social media.

TECHMIRROR: What should your fans in Kogi and Nigeria at large expect from you this year?

MPJ: I will make I give out my best to them as I always do.

TECH MIRROR: What advise do you have for other young entertainers like yourself?

MPJ: The advise I have for them is that they should be real to themselves, believe in themselves and  write songs from their heart.