How Technology Popularised My Music- Islamic Afro-Pop Singer, Al-Mubaraq Kewuyemi

How Technology Popularised My Music- Islamic Afro-Pop Singer, Al-Mubaraq Kewuyemi

Al-Mubaraq Kewuyemi is a well-known musician in Nigeria. An Afro and Hip-hop musician, Muba as he is popularly called uses his music to promote Islam and ethical societal values.

In this Interview with TechMirror Magazine, he speaks about how Information and Communication Technology has helped his music career.

TechMirror: Doing music in Nigeria is tasky field, how have you pulled through?

Al-Mubaraq: Very tasky, but I think with God and uniqueness I have been able to navigate my brand

Techmirror: Your style of music is unique, what motivated your choice?

Al-Mubaraq: The industry is very challenging. Also, The old way of singing Islamic music is no more appealing to the young generation which I believe in no time it will go into extinction . I think I can put Nigeria in the map of world Islamic music one day, by so doing, we need to do music the way it's supposed to be done.

Techmirror: In putting Nigeria on the map, the ICT has become a verifiable tool, how helpful has it been?

Al-Mubaraq: For instance, I recorded Dunmi Ninu, Woju cover in Osogbo Osun State, shot the video in the same location, I was in Ede Polytechnic, Osun state, then. I dropped the video and audio online. Before I knew it, it went viral, it was listened to everywhere even outside Nigeria, most especially by Nigerians living in the diaspora.

Techmirror: Looking at the accessibility of online platforms, has it reduced quality of music in Nigeria?

Al-Mubaraq: Not at all, it depends on the tech know-how of individual artist And the quality in the choice of the artist or brand

Techmirror: We have seen many artistes use social media in Nigeria, how would rate the use of social media by Nigerian musicians going by your experience?

Al-mubaraq: Nigerians are really doing great.Without social media, I'm not sure most people will be as popular as they are now, Including myself

Techmirror : Tell us about your two favorite songs that ICT helped popularise Al-mubaraq: Dunmi Ninu and Ramadan. I posted them just on Twitter and IG. Although those songs are covers Of Kiss Daniel and Qdot songs respective. They both tweeted the song and it really helped

Techmirror: Going forward, how do you intend leveraging Technology in advancing Islamic music?

Al-mubaraq: I want to have my own distribution channel that will help distribute Islamic contents and many more. As time goes on, It will be unveiled

Techmirror: Lastly sir, tell us something rare about your music, about you and what your fans should expect from you

Al-mubaraq: Well I won't say I have anything rare about my brand, everything I do, I believe it's from Almighty Allah. But I think, I do not like staying behind anybody's shadow. So that makes me sound dynamic.My last singles, will surely sound more different from the new one. I am dropping a new song titles Yah Robbi for Ramadan by Allah's grace. I will drop the Audio and video. I promise to always promote Islam through my gift.