Making Osun State One of Nigeria’s Leading Technology Hub Top on Our Agenda - Osun Govt

Making Osun State One of Nigeria’s Leading Technology Hub Top on Our Agenda - Osun Govt

In an interview with TECHMIRROR MAGAZINE, the Osun state Commissioner for Information and Civic Duties, Funke Egbemode speaks on what the Osun state government is doing to harness the Information and Communication Technology Potentials in the state.

The Commissioner commenting on how the government intends that Information and Communication Technology tools are used for more participatory governance in the state, she said;

“It is just to encourage people to do it more, Osun people are Technology Savvy, I find out that you even find a platform where Yoruba is used on Facebook, there is no Commissioner that is not aware of the fact that when something has been or you are about to Commission a project, you do not for the next day for the Print media to carry the story on their front page or any of their pages, everybody is disposed to it.

We use the new media at the end of any program because we can reach the Iyaloja through it, even on Facebook; it is one of the things I find quite interesting that you can reach the Iyalojas in Osun on Facebook”.

She also noted that the Ministry of Information has its own single news portal where information is disseminated to the public.

“We operate single newsroom for the entire state, we get stories from all the Ministries, Coordinate it and deploy it on New Media first before we even go traditional” the Commissioner noted.

While commenting on the possibility of Osun state as one of Nigeria’s leading ICT states, she stated that this is in the works.

“it is one of the things on the agenda of the current state government and this administration, at the last economic summit that we had in November 2019, it was one of the things that was discussed because we want to create our own ICT hub, so it is something that is going on and that is why we have a separate Ministry from the Ministry of Information that is called MIST, that is Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology”.

Funke Egbemode also commented on the Opon-Imo tablet, speaking on what the state government is doing at the moment “The expert committee that reviewed Opon-Imo handed over their report last week and in the week ahead beginning from Monday, we will be deliberating on that report, we will be looking at it line by line.

Work will be done on every recommendation because the government is all about process that you cannot just get the result first, you need to find a way to get everything done.

The Opon-Imo is something that is one of the recommendations that the committee told us to look at, they did not throw it out, so we have to look for a way to talk about that Tablet from all angles, we are discussing on it at the executive level” she noted.