Airtel restates commitment to Africa’s digitization

Airtel restates commitment to Africa’s digitization

Airtel Africa, a provider of telecommunications and mobile money services which is

presence in 14 countries across Africa, has reaffirmed its commitment to drive digitalisation of the continent to unlock new opportunities and promote inclusive, sustainable growth.

During his meeting with the President of the Republic of Malawi, Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, the Group CEO of Airtel Africa, Dr Segun Ogunsanya, indicated the firm’s plans to boost investments that are geared towards supporting the country’s target of achieving at least 20 per cent Internet access by 2030 in the quest of the government of Malawi to become a self-reliant, industrialised middle-income economy.

Mr Ogunsanya stated that, “Our aim is to transform lives across the continent. We are looking forward to work with governments and other sectors to bridge the digital and financial gap.

Digitalisation has a very huge potential to create economic opportunities in the continent”.

President Chakawera on his part stated that: “We have agreed to continue growing our government-to-business partnership with Airtel Africa so that we create meaningful socioeconomic value for all Malawians through pro-growth modern digital services.

In the quest to become a self-reliant and industrialised middle-income economy, Malawi will count on digital technologies that create new value for our economic system thereby facilitating the creation of sustainable wealth and jobs.”

Malawi’s Airtel Managing Director Charles Kamoto followed by Dr. Ogunsanya on this visit. In Malawi, there is a subsidiary on Airtel Africa is listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange.