ANA Launches Mobile Library To Bridge digital Gap In Education

ANA Launches Mobile Library To Bridge digital Gap In Education


   The association of Nigerian authors has launched a mobile library in its bid to bridge digital divide in the education sector.

The initiative which was launched in Abuja on Wednesday will help to ensure that students are able to learn and gain knowledge from anywhere.

At the unveiling ceremony which also doubles as the International literacy day, the chairman of the Abuja chapter of the association, Taiwo Akerele, noted that with the surge in insurgency, initiatives such as the mobile library will ensure that children still have the privilege and opportunity to learning

The theme of the event was “Literacy for a human-centered recovery: narrowing the digital divide”.

He noted that there is a need to ensure that classes and learning are taken off the four walls of buildings to a virtual system. Mr Taiwo stated that Nigeria cannot afford to not leverage on technology especially given prevailing world demands and realities. The Nigerian authors scribe further stated the body’s  commitment to ensuring knowledge circulation and development.

Commenting on the initiative and also need to ensuring a technology driven society, the chairman of the house of representatives committee on basic education, Professor Julius commended ANA for he event especially with the theme aiming at discussing literacy, he noted that there is a growing need for literacy to be promoted in the country and at such, the plan and objectives of ANA remains very key to achieving this. Professor Julius expressed concerns over the state of education and out of school children, noting that something urgent need be done to help achieving a better system especially when it comes to the education sector.

The special guest of honor at the event, Rt. Hon Peter Akpatason who is also the deputy majority leader of the Nigerian federal House of Representatives praised the association of Nigerian authors for the initiative of a mobile library. He noted that the role of technology in today’s society cannot be pushed aside, he also noted that Nigerians must be encouraged to read as that is a quality of a thriving economy.

The mobile Library is supported by the Arik air, other speakers at the event including representatives of Ministers. Civil society among others also commended the association for pulling the innovation of a mobile library together.