CITAD Calls for Computer Studies in Secondary Schools

CITAD Calls for Computer Studies in Secondary Schools

Centre for Information Technology and Development, CITAD has called on the government to implement computer studies fully in secondary schools’ curriculums in order to increase computer literacy among the students in the country.

This was also as it called on the government to provide Information and Communications Technology, ICT, facilities in the laboratories and schools to aid the teaching of the subject in the schools. The Centre’s Executive Director, Yushau Ya’u made the call during its 20th annual Inter-Secondary Schools’ ICT Quiz competition for school children drawn from across Kano state.

Ya’u represented by his Deputy Executive Director, Ahmad Yakasai stressed the need to catch the children young to become computer literate as it has become a potential for the job opportunity.

He said, “It is now beyond doubt that ICTs are crucial levers for development. We are seeing how countries that have better access to ICTs have their educational systems and economies growing faster than those with poor access to ICTs, we have seen its importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nigeria has started seeing the contribution of ICT in the economic development, as Federal Government says 17.9% of the Nigeria GDP in Q2 2021 is from the digital economy contribution. There is still a need for an awareness programme on understating the role of ICTs in the development process among policymakers in the country.

"What this calls for on our part is concerted advocacy to improve the provision of ICT facilities in our school and laboratories and implement computer studies in secondary schools’ curriculums (fully or 100%)."