Journalists Tasked On Proper Use of Digital Tools For News-gathering, Career Development

Journalists Tasked On Proper Use of Digital Tools For News-gathering, Career Development


The Head of Newsroom at the International Centre for Investigative Reporting, Yekeen Akinwale, has urged Journalists and media practitioners to begin to see Digital tools as important in their day to day news development.

This was stated during an online conference organized by the Digital Literacy Advocacy Club and the Centre for Information Technology and Development on Saturday.

The media expert who has years of reporting through Digital media said with the current trend, there is a shift in the manner of reportage.

“We now have a mixture of old and new journalists in the newsroom. The challenge this is posing to us now is that of respect for ethics and professionalism. For instance, many persons easily think because they have Social media accounts they are journalists but that is not the case” he noted

He however said despite this challenge posed by Digitalization, it has become important for journalists to leverage on platforms provided by Social media, websites and other Digital tools for news gathering.

“Gone are the days where you will say there is  no news for a day, you can visit websites of relevant agencies and get news on the go with the Digital age, you can also get news by following relevant handles on Twitter for instance” Mr Yekeen noted.

While acknowledging the discrepancies often caused by getting news from social media, he emphasized that a 21st century journalist must be digitally inclined.

“It is no longer about writing, you should know about Video-Editing even as  writer, should know about Data-analysis and other Digital skills because journalism has changed from what it used to be” he stressed.

Mr Yekeen also said the need to train Journalists on media ethics has also become very important especially with the challenges posed by new media.

Earlier during the event, the representative of the Centre for Information Technology and Development, Ali Sabo, who is the Communications and Campaign Officer of the organization, said the need to fight Fake news has become very important and training journalists on effective utilization of Digital tools should be a major priority in the current media age.

Mr Ali said the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD)  will continue to champion the course for a better informed media society especially with proper use of Digital tools.

The Digital Literacy advocacy Club is an initiative of TechMirror Magazine aimed at ensuring development in the African continent through Digital Literacy.

The Club organizes sensitization, advocacies, trainings and outreaches.