Five Key Numbers that has Shown NITDA’s Commitment to Advancing the Course of Nigeria’s Digital Economy

Five Key Numbers that has Shown NITDA’s Commitment to Advancing the Course of Nigeria’s Digital Economy


As the National Information Technology Development agency continues to strive towards ensuring development of the Information Technology space in the country, here are five key numbers that has shapened the Agency’s effort in repositioning the IT sector of the country.



25,000 Participants trained on NART

NART is the NITDA’s Academy for research and Training dedicated to training Nigerians on different Information Technology skills. Already, Twenty-five thousand Nigerians benefitted from the scheme, further advancing the goal of the agency bothering on development of the country’s digital economy.

The platform has continued to be available for students and non-students alike to harness the opportunities and potentials it offers.


210 Hub Managers Trained

Understanding  the role of Hubs spread across the country in helping to achieve key goals, the agency mentored 210 Hub managers across the country in 2021. This is also part of efforts to cement the need for virility of the Digital economy goals.

“To support the primary responsibility of the agency which is regulation and promote the development of the IT sector, it established IT Hubs in strategic locations across the country. This is also a strategic effort to attract and support stakeholders who are industry players toward the promotion of IT for industrialization.” the agency noted.



100 Journalists Trained on Digital Journalism


Journalism is going more Digital and the role of online platforms in news dissemination and information management has continued to grow.

Understanding this is why the NITDA trained 100 journalists on Digital Journalism in 2021.

This is even key with the media as a key stakeholder in spreading the technology advancement goal of the country which forms a core part of NITDA’s mandate.

The training programs were held in different areas of the country.



310 Women Trained on Digital Skills

With the role women play in the economic advancement of the country, the NITDA has taken the initiative to involve women in its plans.

Already 310 women have been trained on different digital skills.


This would further cement the role of women in the economic advancement of the country. Already, women play important role in the country’s economy largely driven by SMEs which are owned by women.

NITDA stated that when women are empowered, families get stronger and children have better access to care and education, creating a room for a more inclusive society.


33 Kano State Executives Trained on e-governance

With democracy around the wold going more digital and online engagement including responsive governance a pillar of leadership, NITDA trained Kano state executives on e-governance, creating a mantra of challenge for other states.

Asides from this training, NITDA has continued to spread the mandate of e-governance across the country.