Nigeria Records 149 million Internet Subscribers in May

Nigeria Records 149 million Internet Subscribers in May

Data subscription has moved rapidly over the past few years as technology continues its growth.

This report takes a look at the number of active subscribers for data (internet) services on each of the licensed service providers utilizing the different technologies.

According to the NCC Data Portal, it has shown the number of users and their statistics. The Data shows that the number of persons using internet data on all networks has increased between December 2021 and May 2022.

In December 2021 the total number of Internet Subscribers are 141,617,023 while in May 2022 the total number of persons has moved to 149,781,122 users The data which shows a spike in the Internet subscription has shown that the MTN Network has the highest with Sixty-three million subscribers, followed by Airtel with Fourty-one million subscribers.

The world has advanced technologically as people now access social media the more especially with effect of COVID-19.