Nigeria IT Regulator Calls for Tech collaboration

Nigeria IT Regulator Calls for Tech collaboration

Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, director-general of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has urged players across the Nigerian technology landscape to embrace collaboration as it is the key to the growth of the industry.

Abdullahi, who made this submission while delivering his keynote address at the recently concluded 2022 edition of the Gage Company’s international tech exhibition— CoCreate themed “Collaborative Innovations for a Better Tomorrow” explained that innovation doesn’t happen in isolation, instead, it requires the collaborative efforts of everyone in the ecosystem.

“In Nigeria we have so many problems for which we need innovative ways to solve them; and collaboration is very important because innovation cannot succeed in isolation, it is about the ecosystem. That is why I see this event as key to the success of all of us, and the theme is very exciting as it talks about collaborative innovation for a better tomorrow and that is what we need,” he said.


“If you look around the world, innovation doesn’t happen evenly, it is not evenly distributed, it happens in clusters, and what is so unique about the clusters?” he asked. According to him, one of the major mandates of the current administration is to create policies and regulations that will serve as a level playing field for the excellence of the tech ecosystem. Abdullahi added that the approach of the government since it came on board was to CoCreate. “Whatever we do, we don’t do it in isolation, we work with the ecosystem to CoCreate the policy, to CoCreate the regulation, whatever we do, we do it together. Because we believe there are things that you can go outside the ecosystem to do, that the government cannot do, and there things that only the government can do, and you can’t do. But together we can do greater things, that is why we are here together to CoCreate the future of the tech ecosystem.”

He explained that for the ecosystem to reach a global standard, there are five key stakeholders. “When we talk about the ecosystem, there are five key stakeholders that are required to make it work. First we have the innovators. Second, the entrepreneurs; they are the ones with the guts to start and grow a business, the ideas to solve problems and provide solutions. Third, you need the human capital developers, the universities, the people that have that talent; because when you talk about innovation or the digital economy, it is about talent. That is the human component of the technology,” he said.