Democracy: Nigerians Urged To Embrace Digital Literacy, Tech Revolution

Democracy: Nigerians Urged To Embrace Digital Literacy, Tech Revolution


Nigerians have been urged to imbibe the need to be Digital literates as a tool to advancing Democracy and poverty eradication.

This was stated by the Senior Special Assistant to the Osun state governor, Mr Charles Adeyemi, during an Online conference organized by the Digital Literacy Advocacy Club and the Centre for Information Technology and Development on Friday.

According to Charles, the biggest miracle of the 21st century is technology.

“As Tech Savvy youths, one of the ways to promote democracy in this era is by using tech via different Social media to reach out to the people and engage government constructively” Charles noted.

He also encouraged Nigerians to ask questions, seek explanations using the instrumentality of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and Others.

While praising the impact of Digital tools on Nigerian democratic development and evolution, he noted that the fastest way out of poverty for Nigerians is through Technology.

He also noted that Nigeria has not gotten to where it should get to but the freedom enjoyed and its promotion through technology is encouraging.

Earlier, the representative of the Centre for Information Technology and Development, Mr Ali Sabo, who is the Campaigns and Communications Officer at the organization, stated that the contribution of technology to Nigerian societal development in the 21st century must be commended.

“In 2015 for example, prior to the general elections when the card reader was introduced, many people were against it, especially politicians who sensed that it will bar them from rigging the elections. Interestingly, Card-Reader has helped us to conduct one of the most freest and transparent election in the most freest and transparent manner” he noted.

Speaking further, he appraised issues that led to the death of Ken-Saro Wiwa who was hanged for speaking for his people but Technology is changing the tide

“Technology has given us the opportunity  to express ourselves, share information to a large number of persons and promote good governance in the country” Mr Ali Sabo said.

Ali Sabo stressed the readiness of CITAD to advance the cause of good governance through technology and information technology.

The Digital Literacy Advocacy Club is an initiative of TechMirror Magazine aimed ensuring development in Africa through Digital Literacy. The Club organizes sensitizations,outreaches, advocacies, trainings and enlightenment programs aimed at advancing the cause of Digital literacy on the continent.