Covid-19: Analysing the ICT Impact

Covid-19: Analysing the ICT Impact

Ever since the emergence of the CoronqVirus, the use of Information Technology has been the order of the day and it has been a widely used commodity all over the world.

The use of Information Technology in the recent time can't be overemphasised even when company who have given technology less importance has in the recent times giving pre- eminence to it.

Courts and some industrious companies have decided to use a full fledged information technology gadgets and all other means of fostering their job. Some banks have instructed that their workers should stay at home following the directives by the Federal Government on the "Stay at Home" Policy and this has made the bank officials the enthusiasm to work from through Technology.

Companies as at now has imbibed the use of video conferencing to reach out to its people and to its workers. Religious outfits has now resulted to social media in extending their messages to their members, where members can watch their pastor live on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Free Video Conferencing, Telegram and the likes.

Students in Ogun, Osun, Lagos are are now been taught via radio, television and different means. Different sector, private sectors have been kept on toes and more inventions are been made in the area of Technology. As a result of the pandemic, Oyo state has decided to give its Student 500 gigabyte to enhance their academics via online medium in collaboration with Airtel and also it has decided to take its student on Radio during the main time of the shut down.

The Impact of Information Technology amidst the Corona Virus can't be overemphasised as the want and Level for ICT has been on an increasing rate.

There has been a leverage of ICT in the health sector, power, Education amongst all which has moved the government to do the needful People can now access or make their request from wherever they are of which "Work from Home" policy has been imbibed Information Technology as been the order of the day and according to research it's been the widely used medium in the recent time.

After CoronaVirus what Next?

Question Tags have been placed on people's heart.

Corona Virus has been an eye opener on the long run opening people up to the reality of what Technology means.

After CoronaVirus, it's been questioned if the pace would still be maintained. Nigeria has a country should continue with the pace it has started and should maintain its huge development. Governments of different state should not only be restricted to the call of corona virus but be able to reason beyond.

Technology should be imbibed into different sector to enhance a fast output The status should be maintained by different quarters and there should be a status quo.

People should be taught of Digital literacy and the impact of Technology. Government should leverage more on the use of Information Technology across the country and partnership should be made to enhance and good snd effective digital literacy