Nigeria: Taking Digital Economy Quest Beyond Glamor

Nigeria: Taking Digital Economy Quest Beyond Glamor

For a while now, the Nigerian government has announced its quest to ensure that majority of its citizens and residents are Digital literates.

To this effect, a Digital economy plan was launched, the Ministry of Communications was renamed Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy.

It is worthy of note and laudable that the government has continued to announce different initiatives aimed at building Nigerians.

With the Covid-19 changing the country's narrative and global narrative at large, it is expected that more companies will go Digital as a way to fit into the Covid19 caused realities. It is now time for Nigeria to take more proactive measures towards the Digital Economy campaign.

This must go beyond the Cameras and funfairs that come with events. For instance, it is important to have a follow-up mechanism on those who have been trained, it is also important to prioritize the practicality of training people to show in their business and personal economic lives, which should be the goal. We must go beyond numbers in the media.

It is noteworthy that while lack of communication in any activity may lead to less effectiveness of such,infact proper media campaign is needed if the Digital Economy will thrive, at the same time, we must take campaigns beyond papers and good words to practical reality. Questions on who thinks about the grassroot and issues faced by them should be asked.

If the massive numbers of Nigerian youths still find it difficult to convert data usage to personal and professional growth, if youths cannot fit into their workplace that requires Digital knowhow, if issues such as proper usage of Social media, identification of fraud cannot be addressed at the grassroot, then it will only amount to a Digital Economy in the media but not in the streets.

Cybercrime is one issue that has continued to grow due to the attention it has derived in the media, unfortunately, when issues of cybercrime occur, the media reports it massively , the arguments on the streets still ends up encouraging more persons to participate in Cybercrime, meaning any Digital Economy plan must involve the traditional leaders, the Community leaders and major stakeholders at rural areas.

Beyond neccessary media glamor, who is responsible for areas with less glamor?

Olanrewaju Oyedeji Writes via