Appraising Nigerian Youth Ministry’s NOYA Initiative

Appraising Nigerian Youth Ministry’s NOYA Initiative

As part of efforts to ensure development of the Nigerian Youth, the Ministry of Youth and Sports development under Hon. Minister, Sunday Dare, unveiled a Nigeria Online Youth Assembly.

The initiative which is that of the Ministry of Youth and Sports development is in collaboration with Focus Group Limited in order to empower Nigerian Youth by disseminating timely information on enhancing Youths around the Country. Notable is the Technology component of the platform.

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Apart from the fact that the assembly is leveraging on Information and Communication Technology, the Sunday Dare led activity on different Technology and development acquisition of the NOYA has been eye-catchy and attention driving.

The initiative recently received entries for a 60-days application challenge which has different activities such as engaging innovative minds in mobile application development for small and large organizations. This activity is important and also should have more of it happening given the growing importance of Information and Communication Technology especially in today’s society.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been shown more the growing importance of Technology and Information Technology. The path to development relies on ideas such as NOYA’s Application challenge.

The National Mobile Device Training scheme is also one important program by the NOYA. The mobile market in and around Nigeria is growing and is becoming very lucrative too, such that the Nigerian Youth community can bank on to earn a living.

Another initiative that is timely and relevant is the DEEL. Activities such as Digital Skills training for youths would not only boost economic development but will also boost socio-economic development. The plan to train 500,000 youth on digital skills across the country using youth development centres will help actualize the Digital Economy plan of the Nigerian government. Partnerships with the likes of IBM, 21st centuries Technology among others are very key in achieving the Ministry’s aims.

Youths form a large base of the country’s population and at such deserves to be equipped to fit in for the global opportunities available in the Digital world. It would be important to stress that while the youth ministry has important initiatives such as the NOYA, it would also be important to sustain the tempo at which the program is running.

This is largely because the ability of Youths whom the Ministry of Youths and Sports development represent, to survive, Post-Covid19 largely relies on entrepreneurship and Digital skill development.

While it is commendable and encouraging on the initiatives of the Sunday Dare led Youth Ministry, more work will be on the ability of the Ministry to continue to lead Youth-centric discussions on leveraging Technology and Information Technology for development. The ability of youths at the community level and the grassroots to benefit also from this laudable ideas remain very rife.

As far as Africa is concerned and the global space is concerned, Nigerian Youths have the capability to play important roles and the possibility of this relies on capacity development through NOYA and other ideas.