Why You Should Make ICT Skill Acquisition Your New Month Target

Why You Should Make ICT Skill Acquisition Your New Month Target

Around the world, many persons are celebrating a new month.

This new month which is the Ninth on the world calendar marks the gradual end of Covid-19 pandemic.

In Nigeria for instance, many states are now announcing dates for schools resumption, this is a good signal on the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

Your Workplace Needs You To Have An ICT Skill

Also, many companies are now making transition to Information and Communication Technology a compulsion. Covid-19 has shown us that the world is more Digital than it has ever been.

The implication of this is that either you are part of the world or suffer from lack of capability to blend with it. As the new month commences and the world strives to bring back normalcy, it is important that you do not get back into doing what you do same way it has been done before now. Evident development in the past five months has shown us why organizations will prefer someone who can support their marketing drive through Information and Communication Technology skills than someone who does not understand the Digital demand of the current world.

The implication of this is that young Africans must begin to upgrade themselves with skills such as Social Media marketing, Digital Media marketing among other skills.

Doing that when the world regains good stead maybe more costly than doing it now. Getting a sack letter because you are considered surplus to requirements would be more painful than the pain you could go through now in learning the skills.

Your Business Needs ICT…..

Another development brought to the core fore by the pandemic is that entrepreneurs need to leverage on Information and Communication Technology. Many persons are now going online to order for products, this is in the face of carefulness for physical contacts, social distancing and many rules that may take time to go away.

This would mean your business needs a working website, a working social media page among other important things. You cannot afford to lack knowledge about application of Information and Communication Technology to your business growth; else you will pay very much for your own ignorance. Skills such as graphics designing, Video editing, Desktop publishing and many more are highly recommended.

This Is Your Opportunity To Earn A Living ….

The implication of the world going more Digital is that it affords you the opportunity to leverage on this for survival. Not only is Technology lucrative, your acquisition of the skill will help your pay bills.

Most Corporate organizations are currently moving online, many need a website manager, they need someone who understands branding and can manage their Digital media platforms. That person could be you. Taking this month to acquire a skill will be a great way to maximize the month. There are various available for you to tap from.

The National Information Technology Development Agency recently launched a free academy for Nigerians; you can check out the E-academy and see courses you can learn from.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development also has an E-academy for youths in Nigeria, this is also an important opportunity for you to leverage on. The Nigerian technology market online academy is another knowledge centre you can use to your benefit.

You can also benefit from opportunities made available by organizations including Non-Governmental organizations. 

A search on goggle can open you up to many other resources available for this purpose. Happy New Month.