Worldwide, youths drive socio-economic change

Worldwide, youths drive socio-economic change

Often times societal change and advancement are usually credited to policymakers and policy implementers worldwide.

But the conversations we fail to have is the fact that there are a lot of groundbreaking ideas and innovations that have emerged over the years which have prompted these policies and in turn create a boost in economic development.

These groundbreaking ideas and innovations are usually promulgated by young millennials who did not rest on their oars to ensure there is developmental advancement in the socio-economic system of our societies. Over time we’ve seen young people break tremendous ground in various works of life be it in tech, politics, entertainment, art, economy, and others for the greater good of our society.

Take for instance in a country like Nigeria, a personality like Michael Collins Ajereh aka Don Jazzy is a music entrepreneur who left London and returned back to Nigeria in his early 20s to reshape the Nigerian music industry. Today the Nigerian music industry is highly revered as number one in Africa. In the Fintech space, names like Shola Akinlade who is the co-founder of PAYSTACK is a young millennial who has shaped and reinvented development in digital economy with an app that generates an estimated monthly revenue of over $20 million.

That is some crazy numbers for a black man out of the African continent! Also, changing the face of transportation in Africa is a group of young Africans in Nigeria, France, and the USA who came together to redefine the mobility of people with a game-changing company called ‘’Trekk Scooters’. A micro-mobility company that allows people to use Electric Scooters for short-distance movement around school campuses, housing estates, and streets within a community.

These and many more are testimonies that young people have the capacity to foster change and impact society in a positive way that will bring about sustainable development for many years to come.

More attention should be focused on young innovators especially in the African continent because sustainable change and development starts with these creative young minds and only then will there be a manifestation of the popular saying “leaders of tomorrow”.