African Develops Biodegradable seed tray for rice farming

African Develops Biodegradable seed tray for rice farming

An African, Juslain Nomenjanahary Raharinaivo from Madagascar has developed a Biodegradable seed Tray for Rice farming on the continent.

Juslain obtained his Engineering Degree from the College of Agronomic Sciences at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. He set up a  farm in northern Madagascar in 1994. This was in a bid to culture mugwort and geranium.

 He then created a nursery system to culture both plants in 2008.

He is the CEO of FFF Sarlu, the company that produces his innovation ;the biodegradable seed tray for rice farming.

Rice is one of the major consumables in Africa and has a high demand. With an ongoing demand for increased rice production, some African countries are unable to be self-sufficient.

 To increase rice production, transplanting of rice seedlings is important. The  cost of transplanting has however been high and farmers are hesitant to handle plants that are too young.
In Madagascar, Juslain’s innovation sows seed in innovative pots made of paper, called BG or biodegradable germinators. Growers transplant seedlings into easy-to-transplant clumps with a high tilling capacity which also increases rice yields and allow possibilities to expand the area under cultivation.

The innovation was nominated as part of African key innovations expected to transform the continent.