African Develops eNose sensor for tea processing 

African Develops eNose sensor for tea processing 

Inter Connect Point Ltd, a technology start-up based in Rwanda, has developed a Tech innovation aimed at the revenue chain in tea-processing.

Abraham Natukunda  who is Founder and Managing Director has a  background in mobile money and systems administration.

He is also a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University Africa with an MSc in Information Technology.
Abraham has developed and implemented an Internet of Things (IoT) project to improve quality, control and revenue in the African tea value-chain, piloting at Rwanda Mountain Tea Factory.

His innovation applies an “eNose” and analytics platform to supplement current tea processing procedures using low power sensor devices to determine optimum levels of tea fermentation.

An analytics platform receives and analyses the sensor data, providing real-time monitoring of key reactive elements and compounds during the tea processing period. This ensures efficient traceability, prediction, and motion. This innovation will lead to improved results in better tea quality and control, boosting marketability and increased revenue for tea processors from each bushel of tea harvested.