This African Can Help You Charge Your Smartphone Through a Bicycle Tyre

This African Can Help You Charge Your Smartphone Through a Bicycle Tyre

Elliot Mwebaze, is a telecom-engineering graduate who has made charging phones much easier by lessening their dependence on electricity.

Over a period of nine months he developed a device that enables phones to charge using a bicycle dynamo. 

A dynamo is a device that enables bicycles to produce light. Mwebaze’s innovation converts the rotating energy from the bike into electrical energy, which can charge the mobile phones within 120 minutes.

When he is not working for energy managment consultancy Galooli Uganda, Mwebaze spends his time looking for opportunities through which he can improve his innovation and make it accessible for all bicycle riders. This technology is ideal for the rural population of Uganda, who often use bicycles as a mode of transport. Rather than travelling miles to charge a phone in the nearest town centre, their phones can charge on their journey to other meaningful work.

Mwebaze was initially inspired to create an alternative energy source for charging mobile phones when he missed a final exam because his phone blacked out in a remote village in Rukungiri. The only way he could get back online was to move to the next town to recharge. He then devoted most of his free time and energy on finding alternative ways through which phones could stay charged, even in places without power supply.