Twitter As The New Force For Fintech 

Twitter As The New Force For Fintech 

The name Twitter doesn't sound strange, for many to be on Twitter is a priority and it has become an avenue to hold government accountable while building active citizenry.
However, one of the core functions of Twitter now which many may have not observed is it's duty as promoter of Financial Technology.
Banks have now found it very important to own active and interactive Twitter accounts. On more than one occasion we have had cases of Financial disputes resolved through a single direct message to the bank handle, In-fact, once you mention a bank on Twitter now, it takes just few moments for them to reply you and apologize profusely for any inconvenience you maybe growing through. The power of Twitter in further encouraging an evolution of Financial Technology has become very strong especially in countries like Nigeria and other African countries.
Unlike the past where you have to visit the bank, fill forms and wait a long number of days to pay complaints on some financial error or get explicit explanation on some developments, You can now sit in the corner of your room and reach your bank with ease.
You can find easy ways of carrying out financial transactions by just a tip of your finger. Twitter has also made it possible for you to get information that the bank would have otherwise offered you only in their hall.
It is hard to find any bank in Nigeria without a Twitter handle for instance, they do not just own them but use them for mobilization and financial issues resolution.
With the growing number of users on the platform, there is an increasing power for financial Technology and alternative banking, the only uncertainty is What it would mean for the African continent in the next five years, how far will the evolution go?
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The Growing Role of Social Media In Enshrining Democracy in Nigeria 

For many persons owning a Facebook account or Twitter account is one of the proofs of belonging to the Twenty-First century, for others instagram does it all.
It is usually strange when you tell people "I am not on Facebook or I don't know how to operate Twitter". For a country like Nigeria that has a budding youth population, the strength of its growth relies hugely on its youth possibility and potentials, at such the So cial media has given much voice to those who would be rather neglected. 
Many government agencies and organizations now find the social media important because they understand that the best way to get feedback is to see what youths who throng the social media are saying.
The social media has now become a very important part of the Nigerian society, recently the wife of the President, Aisha Buhari stated that the regulators of the Social Media are not doing enough to curb the menace of hate speech that is threatening to bring down the government of Muhammadu Buhari. As a matter of fact, countries are now looking at ways of regulating the social media. Most recently, Nigeria stated that it has plans to regulate the Social Media. The Nigerian Senate took a step of proposing death sentencing for those who propagate "hate speech".
With the growing importance of the need for development in the Country, it has become very pertinent for the government to enact policies that will bring about a friendly social media, policies such as good governance would bring about a more efficient social media platform with a less provocated citizenry. 
The instance of Sowore's rearrest that has led to public outcry is an instance that shows us that we can dictate what we want the social media to look like; either full of constant outcry or contributions on how the government can further serve the people further.
The efforts to create stringent laws on social media management is not the best solution to what the government sees as an affront on its sovereignty of decisions. 
The government should come to the reality that they cannot for any reason shut down the social media.
The social media has played more positive roles in Nigeria than negative especially in keeping a government that is lacking on citizen-friendly policies on its toes. 
While the use of Social Media for propaganda has become high, that can be said to be what can be curbed by current laws if respected and followed.
We need to appreciate what the Social Media does while asking ourselves the question, who makes the social media toxic? The government or it's citizens?
Olanrewaju Oyedeji 
Can be reached via 
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'Loud' Angry Voices On Social Media Over Sowore's Rearrest

'Loud' Angry Voices On Social Media Over Sowore's Rearrest

The Nigerian Social Media has been filled with various reactions since the rearrest of the Publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore. 
It would be recalled that the activist was rearrested after earlier release by the same body.
Nigerians have however taken over social media to express their anger over the development
However Nigerians have condemned what they termed as lawless action of the men of Department of State Security by disrupting the court proceedings between the Publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowere and the Federal Government. 
According to a tweet @datvideoboyy "After the re arrest or kidnap of Human Right Activist #OmoyeleSowere by DSS, I can body sat that nobody is safe in this country. 
Another Nigerian who showed is grievances on twitter @Mr_BossMan9, who said, " the purpose for arresting #OmoyeleSowere inside the court is to prove to Nigeria Judiciary that the DSS is above the law. If they can do that to the Judiciary, then the National Assembly is a small fry, they are definitely next on DSS lot of things to tidy"
@Manufa_for who also tweeted said, " We further call for all law enforcement agencies in Nigeria to immediately respect not just the court order made by Justice Ojukwu but the order of any court in Nigeria or any detainee".
The Department of State security has however denied any wrongdoing stating that it never descracated the court as alleged.


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